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Recommended Reading

This list has been compiled using suggestions from our instagram community. We consider this to be a 'living document' and as such, it will be edited and updated on an ongoing bases.

Disclaimer - We may receive a small commission if you purchase a book via one of the links featured on this page. 

Recommended reading, listed in no particular order:

The Witches Bible

A Witch Amongst Herbs

Encyclopedia of Spirits

Astrology Bible

Practical Magic for Beginners

Mastering Herbalism

Modern Guide to Witchcraft

The Green Witch

The Crystal Witch

The House Witch

Staying on the Old Track

5000 Spells Encyclopedia

The Psychic Witch

The Solitary Witch

Wicca - A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard

Wicca for Beginners

The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft - The Complete A-Z for the Entire Magickal World

Moon Magic

Italian Witchcraft

Witches Way

Magickal Healing: Folk Techniques from the Old World

Weave the Liminal

A Discovery of Witches

The Heretics Daughter


The Red Tent

Crystal Enchantments


Hedgewitch Book of Days

The Alchemist

Eclectic Wicca


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