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Hey Witchy Babe!

You probably already know us via our instagram page @witches.of.insta but let us introduce ourselves properly! We're Amaria and Amythest! Two witchy soul sisters who live and practice in Berlin.

Today we'd love to share with you our latest project, these gorgeous self-love spell jars which we carefully handmake for you right here in Berlin.

About Our Spell Jars

These limited edition pretty jars are perfect for infusing loving vibrations into your day.
Each jar is filled with carefully selected magickal ingredients that work harmoniously together to ensure you feel a flood of loving energy.

We've personally cleansed and charged each jar to ensure maximum magickal potential!

Each jar has been cleansed with garden sage smoke

Filled with high-quality magickal ingredients

Each jar comes with a printed copy of our hand-illustrated spell for self-love.

Free WORLDWIDE shipping

Handmade with love in Berlin

We handmade each jar, carefully smoke cleansing all of the ingredients and sealing with a splash of wax!

High Quality Material

Each jar is filled with high-quality magickal ingredients! Clear quartz crystals, Himalayan rock salt, french lavender flowers and dried rose petals. We finish your order by placing each jar into a velvet pouch and adding a copy of our hand-illustrated self-love spell sheet.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We're sure you'll love our jars! If you are in anyway unhappy, send us an email to (or a DM via instagram) and we'll organise a full refund for you asap.


Pamela Aguilar  -  23 SEPT 2020, 12:21

"This is the greatest seller I have ever had the pleasure of exchanging words with in my entire life! She has a soul of gold and it can be felt right through your screen. 💖🌺 Makes me feel like we had a meaningful past life exchange, I’m grateful for her kind service this go around, and I look forward to the next! Thank you, friend! 🙏"

Grace Cole  - 20 SEP 2020, 14:42

"Love it! Perfect for a beginner :)"

Betty Rivera  -  15 SEP 2020, 14:42

"I was so happy to receive this cute lil package in the post. You can tell that the jar has been made with love and care. It def radiates a powerful vibe and i love the spell sheet that it comes with too"


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